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Black Panther 

Our Team

We are owners and trainers to our Black Russian Terrier. 

Tanya K
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Anatoliy Syvak

Our history

Black Russian Terrier in my life


In my childhood, I once saw a black terrier with a little girl, and I thought it was an unusually beautiful dog that could protect you from the whole world. Many years have passed; we've had Collies, Labradors, and Dobermans. We cherished all our wonderful four-legged friends. Eventually, the day came, and the house became empty. The children grew up, and the dogs went over the rainbow bridge.


That's when we realized we now had the time and opportunity to acquire the best dog in the world—the Black Russian Terrier.


Only those who have had the opportunity to see and work with this dog in the rings can understand how fascinating it is. Its cognitive capacity is so vast that you forget it's just a dog. Walking along the endless fields with your dog, racing after a deer at the same speed as a wild animal, gives you an unforgettable feeling of power, strength, and agility. You return home, and at your feet lies the most beautiful and devoted animal, demanding no thanks in return.

When we brought home this wonderful black furry ball, we decided not to waste a minute and immediately began training. The Black Terrier is a protective dog, and being left at home without long walks and training can cause many socialization problems. Until the age of 2, it may seem fine, but it's crucial to invest in training early on to have the best dog!

First schools, first thorns, first mistakes, first competitions, and shows... Many times, you need this dog to become not only a strong and fearless defender of your family but also the most obedient companion! It should stop all its instincts upon your command for safety matters.

Over several years, our dogs have excelled in many clubs—Canadian Kennel Club and United Kennel Club.


We were invited to the USA to participate as the best dogs in the Black Russian Terrier breed. We ranked in the top three of all dogs in the working group, combining sport and confirmation. Our dogs are in the Top-TEN Working Group of Breed for Dogs and Rally.

Our dogs not only rank among the ten best dogs of the breed but also earned the WINNER TITLE in the Specialty Show NATIONAL Black Russian Terrier 2018 CANADA! Best STUD DOG 2019 at National Specialty Black Russian Terrier Canada 2019; Can GRANDCh CKC, Ch ABIDS; Am CH UKC; Ch ABIDS THE BEST STUD DOG 2022 (National 2022 Canada) THE BEST STUD DOG 2021 (National 2021 Canada) THE BEST STUD DOG 2019 (National 2019 Canada); REGISTER of MERIT Award (2019) SELECT DOG at BRT National 2018 (CANADA); Top-2 Conformation Show dog CKC 2018; #1 Conformation Show Dog UKC 2018; TOP-10 All Breed SHOW DOG (ABIDS); Top-5 Show DOG CKC 2017, Top - 2 Top Show Dog 2018; Top SHOW Dog UKC; Best in Show x 1; Multi-Discipline CKC DOG 2017; Top-3 Rally Sport in a Breed; Top-10 Rally Sports WORKING GROUP Canada 2018 Sports Titles Top-3 Rally Obedience BRT CKC 2018; CKC RN, CKC RI; CKC RA; CKC RE; CKC CGN; CKC PCD; UKC URO2: UKC CA; CARO RN; ITD; 2K9 (2021); Versatility Novice (2022), ITD CKC (2022); ScentWork Cert thyme test (2022)

But as you may have guessed, we didn't stop there.


This year, new competitions have been introduced in sports categories, and we're already fully engaged in learning new rules and facing new challenges.

Our goal is to achieve a very high level of dog obedience, as these abilities are passed down to puppies. As future owners, you won't have to work as hard with your exceptionally smart puppy. You'll need to maintain this amazing Black Russian Terrier in both physical and mental shape.

We hope that our efforts will guide you towards the best pet ownership - RESPONSIBLE and ENJOYABLE!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Tanya and Anatoliy

Our Team
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